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Collection of Supplies and Accessories for indoor gardening

There are a lot of houseplant Supplies and Accessories out there and we've tried a lot. Some have been total duds for us, and others have been game-changers. Our favorites, which we hope could help you too, are listed below. Just remember - Cactus makes perfect!

Before we get started, as part of our six reasons why you can trust us, we want to quickly highlight the following two.

  • We're not selling you anything
    We don't sell houseplant supplies and accessories directly. We're not pushing you to buy anything below, we do think it's excellent stuff and should help with houseplant ownership. We're giving full details about the items so you can work out if they would suit your needs or current set up.
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Miracle-Gro Plant Food

Miracle-Gro Plant Feed

Miracle-Gro Plant Food last for ages and produces brilliant results for our plants

This stuff has been around for ages and it works well. It comes in a box and depending on the size, several pouches inside with a hand measuring tool to prevent accidental overfeeding. You just scope out some of the granules and put them in your watering can. Quick stir and you're good to go.

  • Cheap.
  • Easy to use with a measuring spoon that helps prevent overfeeding.
  • Versatile - Can be used on almost all houseplants as well as outdoor garden plants.

There are a lot of other types of feed of course and many are specialised for certain types of houseplants. However, if you've got a lot of different plants to look after and just want something universal this is a great pick. Plants respond well to it and we've not run into any problems. Just be careful as the blue granules can stain if you spill any!




This small, portable humidifier is fantastic - we have three!

Modern homes tend to have low humidity levels, and many of the plant's people grow in their homes tend to come from tropical parts of the planet. Our homes are often too dry for them and they don't always do well as a result. Winter is even more difficult to deal with as we have our heaters and radiators going, further drying out the air even more.

We lose more houseplants over Winter than the rest of the year combined. It's a tough time for our plants so this year we invested in a few humidifiers and we like this one the most.

  • Portable, compact and relatively cheap.
  • Low power, but still produces a lot of water vapor for its size.
  • It also has an optional mood or night light. Dual-purpose.
  • Super reviews - 4.3 out of 5 as at the time of writing.

The downside is that's not as good as an industrial-sized machine and would only be suitable for smallish rooms, or placing near to a couple of plants. It's not going to cover an entire house. Although, the running costs are low and it's compact nature means it takes up very little space.


LED Grow Lights

Led Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights - can change how you grow houseplants forever

All houseplants need light in order for photosynthesis to occur which in turn means they'll grow. I'll be honest that for many years I dismissed grow lights as not being very good. However with LED technology, the grow light market has exploded and for good reason.

The most important reason is that you can grow almost any plant in your home, easily and quite cheaply. Even ones that will cope with low light will benefit and grow better with the added boost that grow lights can provide. They're quite literally game-changers and borderline must haves if you have poor lighting in your home.

  • Low energy and very effective compared to old fashioned grow lights.
  • Most tend to have an adjustable light intensity and even a timer set up for ease of use.
  • Effective for both houseplants and for garden seeds that you start off indoors.

Personally, I find the multi-headed versions the best and most versatile. They come with what is essentially a giant paperclip at the bottom that lets you hang or position the lights almost anywhere. Then each of the heads can be flexed and positioned wherever you like. This allows a fair reach and lets one unit cover a large number of houseplants easily.


Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Soil

Indoor potting soil

Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Soil - one of the best around

First off, with soil and potting mixes, it's normally more cost effective to go in person to a local store as it's more costly to mail large amounts. So you can usually get more for the same money if you're happy to go collect it yourself. Additionally, this recommendation is a generic all rounder suitable for most houseplants. If you've a plant that has niche requirements, it may not be suitable.

However if you're ordering from Amazon anyway and don't need a huge volume, this is a great mix for most plants. It's light and airy and the makers even claim it has less chance of Fungus Gnats, which as any indoor plant grower will know can be a nightmare.

  • Feed added to the soil so you won't need to fertilise your plant for at least 6 months after repotting.
  • Easy to handle and work with.
  • It contains some sustainable material (coconut coir) which also helps the mix hold water for longer. Which means less watering for you.

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