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The chances are that you are visiting this website because you want to know something about House Plants. Perhaps you need some information about a newly purchased one, help with a sickly plant or you just have a desire to learn as much as you can about them. What ever your reason, you've come to the right place.

House plants emit oxygen, clean the air around us and reduce stress, all the while looking stylish and beautiful. Andy Sturgeon stated in 2001 that they "are good news", we believe in this too and consequently built this site. We answer your questions, provide useful plant information and above all we share your passion to "get it right".

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House Plants Hub

Ultimately this part of the website is our main course all whisked up and dished out to you piping hot. We provide the (hopefully) good content, present it in stylish and accessible ways and round it off with your comments and own experiences of keeping this particular plant. Plant care and the Secrets to Success can all be found here.

If you want to find out more about your particular houseplant, care tips, see pictures and read comments from other owners then you only need visit the profile pages.

Plant Profiles with care tips and Secrets to Success

Guide Hub

While the Plant Hub (above) gets to grips with the details of your house plants, this part of the site has more generic guides relating to keeping plants indoors. Many people want to know the correct way to water or feed plants, when is the best time to repot and how to increase humidity in the home. So we shovel up the best advice from house plant enthusiasts around the world and share it on these pages.

Maybe you just dabble in keeping plants or perhaps you're a considered expert, whatever your skill level you should find something of interest in the how to guides.

How to Guides for your house plants

Frequently Asked Questions

Funny enough we get asked a lot of questions. While we love to talk with you, it can take a while to provide answers and therefore to ensure you can get an instant fix we created this page just for you.

This area of the site shares some of the frequent (and some of the infrequent) questions we are asked and our answers to them.

Frequently asked Questions

About Us

Sometimes it's nice to learn about the people who create the website you are visiting, or in our case the people who are behind the OurHousePlants.com name. After you've explored our other pages, you might like to come here to learn some more about who we are and what makes us tick (besides plants).

We also share our recommendations for the best resource related materials such as other website's and books.

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Some website's are hard to navigate. We hopefully have a clean and simple design, but if you do get lost come here. Every single page of the site is listed in a straight forward list.


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We love talking to our visitors, either in the comments section on most of our article pages, or privately. This page has a handy contact form and provides our email address.


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